spin boxing
Cardio KickBoxing

Spin Boxing is a new and exciting workout that will push you to your limits! This is not your same old workout!  In 45 minutes you will push, pedal, punch and sweat your way to a better you!

We offer 20 classes per week.  This will be the best 45 minutes of your day!  We often have exciting themed nights such as 80’s night or margeritta night!

By logging in to your Myzone account  through the Myzone App, you’ll be able to see minute-by-minute breakdowns of your exercise effort. Track your progress over time to gain more understanding about your workout habits.

Drop-in and take a class.  We also have 5 and 10 class punchcards.  Most people  find they have an absolute addiction to Spin Boxing-that’s when a monthly UNLIMITED option becomes the best option. 

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